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Edinburgh deliveries from Monday to Saturday for only £4, and UK standard deliveries from £4.50. Buy at any time from your couch, and get your favourite food, no matter if you live in a busy city or in the most remote corner of the country. 

Spanish Food Supplier

Authentic Spanish fine food dispatched from our brick-and-mortar shop in Edinburgh. Give yourself a treat with our growing selection of delicacies, or bring Spain to your home with our range of everyday foods, from horchata to paella.

New products in our Spanish food shop

  • White Tuna Fillets Ortiz In Olive Oil Glass Jar 220g – Bonito Del Norte Ortiz En Aceite De Oliva Tarro de Cristal

  • Tuna Fillets With Olive Oil In A Glass Jar 180g – Atún Con Aceite De Oliva En Jarra De Cristal Cristo Del Mar

  • White Tuna Ortiz In Olive Oil Tin 112g – Bonito Del Norte Ortiz En Aceite De Oliva Lata 112g

  • Pipas Con Sal “El Piponazo” Salted Sunflower Seeds 110g

  • Papilla Hero 8 cereales con galleta 0% – 340g

  • Papilla Hero 8 cereales con fruta 0% – 340g


New products in our Spanish food shop

Spanish Food On Sale!

  • Sale!

    Caviar Crisps Torres – Patatas Fritas al Caviar Torres 40g

    £1.70 £0.90
  • Sale!

    Turron Crujiente de Chocolate Blanco con Lacasitos (215g)

    £5.05 £4.50
  • Sale!

    Turron de chocolate blanco Suchard – White Chocolate Turron Suchard

    £5.05 £4.50
  • Sale!

    Puff Pastries With A Lemon Filling (8 units) – Hojaldrado Corazón De Limón

    £5.50 £4.40
  • Sale!

    White Truffle and Mushroom Salsa 200g

    £10.99 £7.90
  • Sale!

    Pura Panela Panela colombiana – Evaporated cane juice sugar – 454g

    £6.80 £5.20

Spanish Food On Sale!

See what people say about us

Best Spanish food shop in Leith 🙂 Great variety of products of very good quality and nice approachable staff.

Cristina Roswell

I was lucky enough to go to an olive tasting evening here last week and try some of the products available. I love the choice and the shop’s name is perfect because everything is delicious and the owner’s friendly and helpful attitude is always very welcoming.

Roisin O’Shea

Just popped in to see if i could find some ingredients from a meal we had in town. Wasn’t disappointed, Pablo was really helpful and helped me pick some sobrasada. Basque country smoked cheeses looked good too. Definitely recommend a visit.

James Brooks

Just popped in for a nosey and left with a bottle of Olive Oil, a wee bottle of sherry vinegar reserve and an apricot and almond nutritional energy bar. Poured some of the olive oil and a few drops of the sherry vinegar reserve on my organic 7 seeded rye bread from Breadshare just round the corner in Jane street. Excellent combination. I highly recommend this shop. Products from small family farms in Andalusia grown and harvested the way they are supposed to be without chemicals. Conversing with the owner brought memories back from my visits to this region of Spain.

Lailo Kenify

I received some products as gift and I couldn’t have been happier! So good it’s addicting!!! I will go for sure to refill my fridge with Spanish food from this shop!

Marina Turco

Lovely little shop with a good selection of foods and drinks that look good and taste good too. Friendly approachable staff. Would shop again.

Jack Forrest

Popular products

  • Coca-cola Aquarius sport drink 1.5L

  • Pipas con sal Grefusa Salted sunflower seeds 165g

  • Cheetos Pelotazos

  • Café Marcilla mezcla – Ground Mixed Coffee Marcilla 250g

  • Tomate frito Solis – Sieved tomato Solis 350g

  • Solan de Cabras Mineral Water 1L (Glass Bottle)




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