Olive oil and health benefits

We have written at some length about olive oil before, however that piece was about what it was and the difference its composition and origins made in terms of flavour and quality.  Olive oil has been regarded as something of a super food for some years ever...

Las Delicias Deli

Now nearing our second anniversary as a Spanish Deli in Edinburgh   Do you have exquisite memories of eating at the side of the Alameda de Hercules on a hot September evening and discovering that in Seville, a tomato salad is something to be treasured rather than...
How to host the perfect tapas and wine night

How to host the perfect tapas and wine night

Want to know how to add the perfect Spanish flavour to your homecooked food? Katie Georgeson, Brand Manager at kitchen appliance manufacturers Stoves, has these tips for hosting a traditional wine and tapas night — with a modern twist. Tapas is an excellent option for...

14 Murcian Tapas that you can make at home

Spanish food is known for being fairly straight-forward and simple while delicious and terribly tasty. One of the most characteristic Spanish dishes you can find is tapas, which are very often served in bars as a side dish/appetiser to go with drinks (in some places...
The Paella Recipe (by Omar Allibhoy)

The Paella Recipe (by Omar Allibhoy)

50-60m. Serves 6. Paella is one of the most famous dishes in Spain. It brings friends and family together, and it is present in most festive occasions, as Sunday roast dinner is present in the UK. Its origin is in Valencia, and Valencians are proud to preserve the...

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