Now nearing our second anniversary as a Spanish Deli in Edinburgh


Do you have exquisite memories of eating at the side of the Alameda de Hercules on a hot September evening and discovering that in Seville, a tomato salad is something to be treasured rather than avoided? That membrillo is quite possibly the food of the Gods and makes everything it accompanies better? In short that Spanish foods are something to be revelled in and if possible replicated.

Las Delicias is our Spanish delicatessen based in Edinburgh. Our aim is as simple as it is ambitious: to bring the very best of Spanish ingredients to the UK to enable you to relive those memories for as long as possible. We’re now into our third year of operation and building upon the hard work of the last 25 months.

Situated in Leith, Edinburgh, and available throughout the UK and Europe through our online shop and Amazon store, we have grown considerably since we first opened our doors. Then we carried about 200 products, today that range has grown and evolved, encompassing more and more Spanish products from wine, beer and spirits to baby foods and our personal care range. If you found something in Spain that you loved, there is a good chance that we stock it!

We’re not just about rekindling old loves; with our range of ingredients and helpful blog featuring recipes and meal ideas and our range of Spanish cookbooks you can dive in and create your very own Spain. From ‘Spanish made simple’ by Omar Allibhoy to 140 recipes from acclaimed food writer and presenter Rick Stein, there is something for everyone.

If you want to share your love of Spain and its produce, we have a range of gifts and hampers with which to spoil your friends and possibly yourself. Just select your favourite products in our online shop and add the open weave basket and wrapping to your basket. We can make them up if they are to be collected or delivered in Edinburgh, otherwise we will carefully package all the items and include the basket and cellophane so that you can add the final flourish.

As the sun splits the Scottish sky, evoking memories of sunny days beneath blue Andalusian skies, our shop, in Leith and online, are waiting to help you recapture those halcyon days. Take home the taste of Spain today!

There is no evidence that the nutritional composition of organic foods is better than conventional foods. Actually, the fact that more compost is needed increases the risk of contamination with bacteria, when the composting process is not properly carried. Those bacteria can infect the plants and stay on the fruits and vegetables until they reach you.

Choosing organic foods will not damage you. However, there is little or no proof that proves that they are healthier, better for the environment, or with a better taste. If this is what you are looking for, you probably will be more successful purchasing foods locally grown. Alternatively, frozen or canned foods can help you too. For example, our Spanish gazpacho or our tined pisto are made in Spain with Spanish vegetables that have all the taste of locally grown products. You can even look for additive-free products that have been preserved in origin to keep all the taste and nutritive qualities.

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