Ah – memories of long sunlit days, not a cloud to be seen.  Dodging from shady spot to shady spot in the early afternoon, and feeling the heat still rising from the pavements in the late evening as you eat outside.  Just like Scotland – not!

The world being what it is at present, we can’t offer to physically transport you to Valencia, but we can make it easier for you to enjoy the region’s favourite dish in the warmth of your own home with our paella pan kits.

Each kit, for two, four or six people, contains the all basics that you require to make your own delicious paella; extra virgin olive oil, smoked, sweet pimento, rice, saffron and most importantly a proper paella pan.

Specifically, you’ll get –

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) from Spanish Arbequina olives.

Redondo rice (500g) from Valencia

Saffron (0.5g), from La Mancha

Smoked Sweet paprika (75g)

The pan is a proper enamelled paella pan, suitable for use on all types of hobs and entirely overproof to boot. 26cm, 30cm or 34cm depending on the group size these pans will last and last, hopefully encouraging you to repeat your paella success regularly.

Beyond the basics included it’s entirely up to you what you add to the dish.  Traditional fish and seafood?  Meats and vegetables?  A splash of this and a dash of that?  It’s a dish that you can make your own with ease and while we have plenty of recipe suggestions, there’s nothing like a bit of improvisation to spice things up.

So, will it be a classic Valencia paella, or something different, like arroz al horno – cooked in the oven and stuffed with meats, pepper, tomatoes, and mushrooms? Maybe a Black paella for something visually and gastronomically exciting?

Whatever your choice, your Spanish paella kit will be ready, and the ingredients included will be sufficient for more than one kitchen adventure!

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