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  • Atun Claro Al Natural Rianxeira

    Atun Claro Al Natural Rianxeira – Yelowfinn Tuna In Water 3x80g

  • Atun Claro En Aceite de Girasol Calvo – Yelowfinn Tuna In Sunflower Oil 3x80g

  • Mussels In Picle Sauce Boya

    Boya Mussels in Pickle Sauce 111 g – Mejillones En Escabeche

  • Mejillones Picantes de las rias gallegas Spicy Mussels In Pickle

    Boya Spicy Mussels in Pickle Sauce 111 g – Mejillones Picantes En Escabeche

  • Chipirones rellenos en su tinta – Stuffed cuttlefish in their ink

  • Cockles in brine (berberechos)

  • Diamir Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil, Easy Open 45 g Tin

  • Diamir Baby Sardines in Pickle Dressing 90 g x 2 Tins Easy-Open

  • Diamir Baby Scallops in Sauce – Zamburiñas en salsa de vieira 110 g Easy-Open

  • Diamir Chilean Razor Clams 110 g

  • Diamir Sardines in Tomato Sauce 125 g Easy-Open

  • Diamir Yellowfin Tuna in Vegetable Oil 240 g

  • Guiso De Pulpo Con “Patatinas” – Octopus With ‘Tatties’ Casserole (240g)

  • Pulpo: Three Octopus Leg Nuchar (About 200g)

  • Rejo (Humoldt Squid Sliced And Precooked) 500g

  • Squid Ink – Tinta de calamar 90g

  • Ventresca de Atun Claro – Light Tuna Belly in Olive Oil

  • White Tuna Fillets Ortiz In Olive Oil Glass Jar 220g – Bonito Del Norte Ortiz En Aceite De Oliva Tarro de Cristal

  • White Tuna Ortiz In Olive Oil Tin 112g – Bonito Del Norte Ortiz En Aceite De Oliva Lata 112g

  • Imitation of Baby Eels with Spicy Garlic – Gulas 110g


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