Aire Sano Ham Shoulder Iberico Cebo Antibiotics Free Teruel +5.5 Kg

  • Intense aroma and highly nuanced. Very delicate with the faintest hint of saltiness
  • Feed only with noble grains harvested and selected on Teruel´s fields
  • Holds the AENOR certification in antibiotics-free raised animals
  • The entire livestock process is closely monitored, from genetic selection, mother farms, raising, and fattening
  • This Iberico Ham Shoulder de Bellota is classified with a White Label


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Iberico Ham Shoulder is the perfect choice for those looking for an intense and elegant flavoured Ham to share with loved ones. Ham Shoulders are the animal's front legs (Jamon is the back leg) and are renowned for their delicate yet rich nutty flavours. This particular ham shoulder is sourced from Teruel, Spain.

The whole leg is a fantastic centrepiece or gift for a friend or loved one. It is a special occasion opening one of the finest meats in the world. It starts with the elegant packaging. The vacuum-packed ham is presented on a black fabric bag with a golden net. This white label Ham Shoulder is produced from a pig that is 50% Iberico and 50% Duroc and feed only with noble grains harvested and selected on Teruel´s fields. At the farms, the entire livestock process is closely monitored, from genetic selection, mother farms, raising, and fattening. This fully-traceable process guarantees the highest levels of uniformity. The herd is developed in accordance with the standards and certification of the regulatory board of the Certification of Origin Hams and Shoulders of Teruel. Finally, the drying installations are located in areas that provide unique conditions (elevation 1200 m) ensuring optimum oxygen levels for the drying of our products. Quality Control and processes guarantee the final product.

Aire Sano holds the AENOR certification in animal welfare, which recognizes the integration of animal comfort in the food chain. They also hold the AENOR certification in antibiotics-free raised animals, being the only farm that have been granted such certification. AENOR standards offer maximum information and transparency to the consumer.

Do you want to learn more about the Spanish ham classification? Have a look at our blog!

Quality notice:

If the packaging lost the vacuum, it´s natural that white mould grows on the surface of the ham. This can be easily cleaned with paper towels impregnated in vegetable oil (any vegetable oil will do, as it won´t affect to the ham´s taste). Please, if you think that your ham might be spoilt and you would like a refund, let us know prior to disposing of the ham. We won´t issue any refund if you disposed of the piece before getting in touch with us.

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