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Even the most gorgeous paella can be just ruined if the rice consistency is not the right one. If you overcook the rice, or if you make it with too much anticipation, the rice will become stodgy and your paella a failure. An effect that can be easily prevented using vaporized long grain rice. With a consistency similar to basmati rice, vaporized rice stays firm and loose even when cooked for a long time. Have you ever poor to much water on the pan, and then had to cook the paella an extra time just to get rid of the excess? Whit vaporized rice it won't be a problem any more. Are your guests stuck on the traffic, or are you taking your rice outdoors (or to a relative that is on the hospital)? If you use vaporized rice, they will enjoy a paella as good as fresh. Arroz vaporizado Brillante "oro" comes from sustainable cultivation and  has been grown on the natural surroundings of Doñana (Huelva).
  • Vaporised rice cannot be overcooked and keeps for longer after cooking without becoming stodgy. Perfect if you don´t have many experience cooking paella. Did you poor to much water on the pan? If you use vaporized rice, you can cook it till all the water is gone
  • 100% Rice. Gluten free, no artificial aditives
  • 1Kg. £0.28/100g

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