Artemonte Partridge Pate 100g

  • Light partridge pate with a well-balanced flavour


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Artemonte is a company that sources responsibly from the mount Sierra Morena in Jaen. They protect and respect the land and the animals while making meat products of high quality. Using traditional recipes and always making an exhaustive selection of raw materials, they do their best to improve the manufacturing processes, for products that have an exquisite flavour and don't disappoint. They have a selection of pates with a texture similar to French foie gras and a range of flavours with a great personality that allows you to taste and differentiate with the palate the best of each of the meats of origin. Partridge pate is light and with a well-balanced flavour.


Chicken livers, pork owl, partridge (18,71%), milk, water, emulsifier: E451, sugar, vegetable fibre, salt, antioxidants: E301 and E331, preservatives: E 202 and E200, brandy, onion, chicken smell, black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf.


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