Basic Spanish Paella Kit For 4 People


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Ready to make your first paella?  This famous rice dish from Valencia is delicious and a lot of fun to prepare. There are many different recipes, and you can adjust the ingredients to include your favourite fresh seafood, meats and vegetables. However, all the recipes include the basic ingredients in this pack: extra virgin olive oil, rice, saffron, smoked sweet pimenton, and a good paella pan!

We have removed the hassle of having to source all these ingredients with our basic paella kit, that includes:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fidelco (500ml) from Spanish Arbequina olives.
  • Redondo rice (500g) La Cuna, from Valencia
  • Saffron (0.5g), from La Mancha
  • Smoked Sweet paprika (75g) from La Vera
  • Enamelled paella pan (30cm). This classic pan is suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and induction stoves, and can be also introduced in the oven. It lasts forever, and will not get rusty.

This pack will give you the basis to make any Spanish rice dish, from the classic Valencian paella, fish paella, vegetarian paella, black paella or ‘arroz al horno’, your journey to Spanish rice dishes starts here!

While the paella pan only serves two, the foods in this pack will allow you to cook more times. Adjust the ingredients to the recipe and to your personal preferences!

Please, notice that the ingredient’s packaging might be different from the ones on the picture.



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