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Bitter Kas is an aperitif drink made with 21 natural plant extracts, non-alcoholic. It has a vibrant cherry red colour, clear and bright with purple highlights that develop at the rim of the glass and is lightly sparkling.

The nose is highly aromatic and very different. Campari or sweet red vermouth come straight to mind; with scents of tree barks, sandalwood, cloves, peppermint and violets.

The palate is at first fruity (‘estery’) with flavours of ripe banana, followed by red fruits: Cranberry, cherry and redcurrant. The sweet spell is soon broken however, with the arrival of a controlled bitterness signalled by flavours of kumquat and red-orange peel.

There follows an extraordinarily long, bitter, lingering finish that manages to leave a complex aftertaste of vermouth herbs and spices.

Bitter Kas is a unique drink whose bittersweet flavours deserve a wider audience.[1]

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Gluten Free


Carbonated water, fructose and glucose syrup, acidity regulator (E 330), aromas (including plant extracts), colouring: caramel (E 150d), carmoisine (E 122), ponceau 4r (E 124), preservative: potassium sorbate (E202), sweetener: sucralose (E 955)

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