Bitter Orange Soap 100g


  • All the good from the natural products from Spain to nourish and care your skin
  • Healthy, strong, and beautiful skin
  • Facial cleanser and body scrub
  • Respect the environment throughout the manufacturing process
  • Enjoy the light, optimism and elegance of Andalusia
  • Made with essential oil of orange

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Its high concentration of essential oil of orange bitter provides hydration and radiance to your skin. Exfoliated and silky skin with orange blossom petals that regenerate your skin not aggressively. Prevent the first lines. Antiseptic ideal for cleaning your skin deeply. Contains vitamin E, natural antioxidant, coconut oil and essential olive oil. Can be used as facial cleanser and body scrub.

Preservatives, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, parabens, sulphites and DEA free.

Bendita Luz Cosmetics brings all the good from the natural products from Spain to nourish and care for your skin. A cosmetic that guarantees through daily use, healthy, strong, and beautiful skin. Products that respect the environment throughout the manufacturing process.

Bendita Luz believes in personal care and welfare through the recovery of the natural resources of Andalusia while conveying the way of understanding life in the south, its light, its optimism, and its elegance. Tradition and innovation for you.

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