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Elegant Spanish Gin

'Botica' is an old fashioned Spanish word for the pharmacy and lab where medicines are crafted and dispatched. With this word, Botica describes the work and care that they put in the whole elaboration of their gins.

Botica’s copper pot stills were first heated up in March 2018 and from there the brand became an overnight success. Botica is made in small batches using the very best grains and botanicals, infused to perfection using the most complex distillation method of “London Dry Gin”.

Botica .01 Spanish Valencian Orange

Gin Botica Orange captures every essence of the best Valencia oranges. The citric taste evokes unforgettable moments lived by the Mediterranean shores.

Discover Botica’s Flavours

Botica is a combination of some carefully selected botanical’s. Juniper, Hops, Cardamom and Coriander are the Botica’s key ingredients and have extensive natural medicinal properties. Feel the citric expression in Gin Botica with Spanish Valencian Oranges or immerse in a red world with Gin Botica Strawberry and Raspberry.

Unique, Essential and Memorable. These are the words that define perfectly Botica’s world. Explore the ambience and the fresh aroma of the most minimalistic gin.  Discover everything around the gin.



Grain neutral spirit (at 96% ABV) is infused with the 4 distinctive botanicals inside Botica’s copper pot still during 7 days. This allows the botanicals to macerate in the spirit before distilling, to release their essential oils, resulting in the creation of vapour.


The resultant vapour passes through a condenser and is reliquefied to produce an essence. As a result of this, the ‘heads’ (volatile compounds with low boiling points) and ‘tails’ (volatile compounds with high boiling points) are separated from the distillate.


The resulting essence (measured at 76% ABV) is compounded further with a wheat-based grain neutral spirit. STEP 4 The liquid is broken down with demineralized water to the required strength for bottling (37.5% ABV).


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