Buried Wine Viña Alondra 75cl


  • An exclusive Spanish wine, round with balsamic notes, that tastes different on every sip. Only 510 bottles of wine produced per year.
  • Crianza red wine from Tempranillo grapes (Tinta Fina variety), fermented and then aged for a year in an oak barrel + 6months buried under the vineyard.
  • The idea is based on the “accidental wines” that made their ancestors, who recovered some bottles of wine that spent months buried in the ground after part of the winery crumbled during the Napoleonic war. When checking the rescued bottles, they found that these wines had improved.
  • Viña Alondra is a business run by winemakers Hermanos Castello. They control the whole process from the grape to the bottling and mix the traditional winemaking ways with new and creative techniques to make every bottle a piece of art.

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Echoes Of Other Times

On the olden times, Winery cellars may crumble and collapse accidentally. This was the case of many Spanish cellars during the Napoleonic wars. Winemaker families would then have to dig, rebuild the cellar and check the wine to see if it was still in good condition.

It was a surprise to the winemakers when they found that the wine that stayed buried for a period of time was better than the conventional wine.

As times passed, and better buildings were built, these accidents would not happen again, and their positive side was forgotten.

Buried wines

Spanish winemakers Viña Alondra (the Castelló siblings) learnt about this practice from their elders and wondered if it was true what their grandparents said: that a wine that has been kept buried has better quality than before. So they decided to take some of their wines and carry out a reductive ageing process for 187 days buried to a depth of 4 meters, under the vines where it was born, with optimal temperature, humidity, pressure, darkness and silence.

Accidental wines

When the wine was rescued, the winemaker family discovered that it was more rounded and balanced in taste and aroma. Their elders were right: a buried wine becomes better in quality. The time spent under the wineyard improved the ageing in the bottle, giving it particular notes that are very evident.

This is why the Castelló siblings decided to call those wines ‘accidental wines’, as the ageing process was accidentally discovered.

Viña Alondra wine is a great wine itself. It is made out of Tempranillo grapes from ecofriendly old vines, overripened so it can reach high alcohol graduation without adding any drinking alcohol, and aged for 12 months in French oak barrels using the perpetual oxidative ageing process.

The grapes come from organic farming (the farm got registered as organic on 2019, meaning their first certified organic wine will come out two years later) and have been hand-harvested on the family´s farm, who owns and controls the whole winemaking process.

Finally, all those efforts are rounded up by burying the wine for six months. This makes this wine completely unique and exclusive, with a very limited production of 510 bottles per year. In Scotland, this wine is exclusively distributed by Las Delicias.


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