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If you visit a café or restaurant in Spain and order coffee, it is very likely you’ll be served torrefacto coffee – a thicker, more flavorful brew than what is usually served here in the UK. To produce torrefacto coffee the whole coffee beans are coated with a fine mist of sugar prior to roasting. These sugar-coated beans are blended with natural roast beans and the proportion of torrefacto beans in the mix determines the intensity of the coffee (the higher the proportion of torrefacto, the more intense is the coffee). This ground blend is 30% torrefacto and 70% natural roast, for a medium toasted coffee, intense and full-bodied were the notes of roasted coffee and the caramelized notes of torrefacto coffee are combined. Made with selected coffee beans from the Tropic, where growing the best Robusta beans, stimulating and strong, and Arabica beans, soft and delicate.


Coffee, sugar

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