Cerrillo Fuet With Spicy Paprika Flakes 130-170g


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Fuet is a cured meat sausage, typical of Cataluña. Very peppery, aromatic and soft in texture, with an original taste. It's a perfect evening tapa. This particular one has a modern twist because its casing is covered in spicy paprika flakes. As the casing is edible, you can choose between enjoying the extra layer of taste provided by the paprika, or removing it to make it smother but still with a little extra flavour.

  • Gluten-free


Pork meat, 6.0% paprika flakes, salt, lactose, milk protein, pepper, dextrose, dextrin, antioxidants (E301, E331), spices, flavour enhancer (E-621) and colourant (E-120), wine (may contain sulphites), vegetable protein, flavour, preservatives (E250, E-252). Natural casing.



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