Choricero Pepper Paste – Carne de Pimiento Choricero 125g


  • Choricero peppers are typical of the Basque cuisine
  • It gives a sweet and slightly tangy taste to sauces and stews
  • Spare the time on getting the choricero flesh from the dehydrated pepper
  • Free of any artificial additive
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free.

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Choricero peppers grown in the north of Spain, and are typical of the Basque cuisine. It appears in sauces and stews recipes, and gives a sweet and slightly tangy taste. To prepare them, you need to rehydrate them in warm water, and then scoop the flesh from the drip skin. Or you can spare the hard work and get the paste straight from this jar, which is very cost and time effective. Now you can get all the good taste from the choricero peppers… and only that, because this jar is free of any artificial additive.


Choricero pepper meat.

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