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Horchata is a Spanish milk, traditional from Valencia that now can be found all across Spain. It is the kind of drink that you either love or hate, and for some people it is an acquired taste. It is a vegetable drink made from tiger nuts. Despite it is naturally sweet, it also has sugar added (16g per 100ml on this presentation). It is also creamy and offers a luxurious, rich and nutty fflavour

If you travelled to Spain, specially to Valencia you might have tried it and loved it. Perhaps it’s only the rich taste what you enjoyed, or perhaps you want to cut your daily lactose income and found that horchata is an alternative to milkshakes (please, be aware that it contains milk proteins). It might be because of the healthy properties of this vegetable drinks. But now that you are back on the UK, it’s difficult to source horchata.

Well, we can not transport you to the Spanish hot weather, but at Las Delicias, we can offer you a proper tasting horchata. The Horchata Maestro is thicker than the ordinary Horchata Chufi and it is the closest you will find to taste a horchata drink on a Valencian horchateria.

Do you think horchata is the best drink you ever tasted? Now you can enjoy every mouthful of this fantastic vegetable drink at home.

Unlike milk made from almonds or other nuts which are typically very high in inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, tigernut milk is, instead, rich in monounsaturated fat, as well as minerals and vitamins C and E and that’s why some people decide to include horchata in their daily menu. It is a great probiotic, good with cereal and very sweet, however. Loads of health benefits!

  • Allergens: contains milk proteins.


Water, tiger nuts, sugar, emulsifiers, ( E-472c and E-471), milk proteins, stabilisers (E-407 and E-451) and flavourings.

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