Churro Mix (500g)


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This is the easiest way to make churros at home. Just pour warm water in a bowl and add the flour as you mix well with a spatula until the dough is consistent and with no lumps. Then heat plenty of oil in a frying pan. The oil should be about 190º. Put the dough into a star tipped pastry bag or into a churro press (churrera) and pipe the dough out in the oil in the form of a spiral (Andalucia style) or several separate churros (Madrid-style). Fry until gold in both sides and remove the fritters from the frying pan. Optionally, sprinkle with sugar or honey, and serve with thick dipping hot chocolate or coffee.

  • Allergens: contains gluten.


Wheat flour, powdered milk, whey, dry yeast, salt and thickening agents (E-412 and E-415).


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