Cockles in brine (berberechos)


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When it comes to aperitifs in Spain, cockles are the star. One of the main rules in the Spanish cuisine is that the best way to enjoy a good quality food is the simplest one: al natural. This is specially true with cockles, that are usually presented just in brine. Just poor them with their brine on a small dish and serve them as an aperitif paired with Martini, a Gin Tonic or your favourite cocktail. You can also coock them with pasta or rice.

Tip: my gran mom´s favourite part of having cockles was to drink the juice when they were gone. It may not be very elegant, but it´s delicious. Just be careful with the sand on it.

  • Only cockles in brine. No preservatives or chemical additives.
  • Gluten free.
  • 111gr. £2.97/100gr


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