Delicioso Compango (Mixed Asturian charcuterie) 250g

  • Artisan made smoked chorizo, bacon and black pudding
  • Great for making Spanish stews like Fabada Asturiana
  • Vacuum packed, don´t need to be stored on the fridge
  • No soy or starch


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A mixed pack of smoked meats from Asturias, used for making many Spanish stews, as the famous Asturian fabada or the Spanish cocido. On this pack you will find a medium-spiced chorizo sausage, one Morcilla sausage (Paprika-flavoured black pudding), and a piece of panceta (paprika-flavoured smoked bacon).


Chorizo - Pork loin, beef, bacon, paprika, salt and garlic. Morcilla - Onion, pumpkin, bacon, pig blood, paprika, salt and parsley. Panceta - Bacon, salt, sugar and preservatives E250, E252.


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