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The Paella pan is characterized by being round with a flat bottom to allow the heat to spread uniformly. The pan can be anywhere from 20 cm in diameter to more than 1 meter. The one thing that doesn't change is the height. It is about the first joint in the thumb deep so that the rice has maximum contact with the bottom of the pan.

A paella pan can be made in different materials: earthenware, iron, enamelled or carbon steel. While carbon steel is the most endurable ones, their price is often too high for any household and they are usually reserved for professional use. Earthenware pans are impractical and in disuse. Iron made paella pans are the most common ones, but they get rusty and they need to be covered with a thin layer of olive oil in order to prevent this to happen. Enamelled steel pans, on the other hand, are non-sticky, non-rusty, and are the closest option to a professional pan. Those characteristics have made them the most usual paella pans in the Spanish homes.

This paella pan is made of enamelled steel and measures 38 cm in diameter (for 6-8 people). It is compatible with oven, electric, gas and firewood, but please, be aware that it may not fit in most domestic stoves. To achieve well-cooked rice, the whole bottom on the pan must be in touch with the heat. If the paella pan is bigger than your stove, then you will have to move the rice, or you will get raw rice on the outer side of the dish. We strongly advise you to measure your kitchen fire before purchasing a paella pan to avoid disappointment.

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