Evolving reds

Is amazing how aging can make wines from the same variety and are so different. Believe us, is great fun to compare the different styles and see how wines evolve in the barrel.

We have selected three wines that represent three different Oak Ageing classifications:

Roble ( lightly aged but still loads of fruity character), Crianza (it is the perfect balance between aging notes and primary flavours and notes) and Reserva ( normally wines with a multilayer wine structure).

This packs includes:

  • 1 x Altos de Valdoso Roble D.O. Ribera del Duero
  • 1 x Solar de Estraunza Crianza D.O. Rioja
  • 1x Cerro Anon Reserva D.O Rioja
  • 1 x Artemonte Pork Loin In Olive Oil


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Altos de Valdoso Roble D.O. Ribera del Duero

  • Aromas: intensely fruity nose with nuances of aromatic herbs
  • Taste: deep notes of blackberry backed with a deep oaky flavour
  • Style:  Young, vibrant and lighty oaky

Cerro Anon Reserva D.O. Rioja

  • Aromas: sweet ripe fruit and delicate notes of smokiness
  • Taste: cherry, plum, and blackberries combined with gentle clean aromas of oak
  • Style: Elegant mouthfeel, a full body, and a fresh and fruity aftertaste

Solar de Estraunza Crianza, D.O. Rioja

  • Aromas: red fruits, balsamic and oaky notes
  • Taste: well balanced and fine
  • Style: well rounded and elegant

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