Gualtaminos Smoked sweet paprika (Pimenton de la Vera) 75g


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Smoked Paprika is a spice that can give a real boost to the food you cook but it´s not easily sourced on the high street, and if you find it, it could not be exactly what you are looking for.

As long as most people is unaware that there are more than one type (sweet, spicy and bittersweet) even if you find it might not be the kind you are needing for your recipe. Other providers just ask for a prohibitive price, while the cheaper quality ‘smoked’ paprika tends to either taste chemically smoked or just doesn’t have that pungent smokeyness that makes your mouth water.

Have you tried the Spanish smoked paprika also called pimenton de la Vera? Be that sweet, hot or bittersweet, all are a delight to use in your kitchen and tickle your taste buds perfectly. The sweet paprika has a wonderful gentle, smoky flavour. A heady, vibrant and sweet taste and the aroma is perfect. Much fuller than standard smoked paprika!

The packaging is also aesthetically pleasing. A pretty tin with a vintage look that adds to its charm. A special looking product that’s an excellent gift for someone who likes to cook.

Paprika Gualtaminos is smoked to perfection. Not too strong or overpowering, adds  a true Spanish taste to dishes, and the smell is mindblowing! Much better than any generic brand paprika from the supermarket. It will be invaluable in your kitchen cupboard.

You can use it to cook Spanish food, but it’s so much more versatile. You can put sweet paprika Gualtaminos it in all sorts of things such scrambled eggs, to add a bit of depth to soups and stews, or in pulled pork and other meat dishes. A teaspoonful in any meat dish greatly enhances the flavour. A special looking product that’s an excellent gift and a perfect addition to the kitchen cupboard for the regular cook.

Reasonably priced and sent from Edinburgh, you can have it quickly delivered at home. Just what you required to give you the boost for the food you cook, the Sweet Paprika is brilliant, adds so much flavour to some of your favourite dishes. Try a few teaspoons in fried rice or on your lentil soup, you won’t be disappointed.

Gualtaminos Paprika can easily become a staple in your kitchen due to the authentic and rich flavours and its pretty tins perfect for having out on display. But be careful! If your friends, family members and neighbours come to dine at your home they will be all equally hooked! So have an extra tin for them, you might need it!

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