Hornimans Chamomile (Manzanilla) 25 teabags

  • Chamomile is called in Spanish manzanilla, that is, little apple
  • The Spanish chamomile beverages have a stronger taste than the British chamomile tea bags
  • Use it as a digestive herbal tea
  • Gluten-free. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • 100% Pure Chamomile. No additives


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Chamomile, known in Spain as manzanilla or camomila historically referred only to Matricaria recutita and a few very similar species. Nowadays this category has grown to include more than sixty similar species. The word chamomile, like camomila in Spain and Portugal, comes from the Latin chamaemelum, which in turn comes from the Greek chamaimelon, which means ‘ground-apple’. The name may well have originated from the herb’s strongly aromatic and distinct scent of apples. Additionally, chamomile is called in Spanish manzanilla, that is, little apple (manzana=apple, illa=diminutive suffix). But if you order a manzanilla drink in Spain, be aware that you might be served a glass of sherry wine instead of a herbal tea. Unfortunately, it is not mandatory for producers to tell in the labels the exact kind of chamomile on the teabags, but you can appreciate that the most popular Spanish beverages, as our Hornimans Manzanilla, have a stronger taste than the British chamomile tea bags. They are all used in a similar way, as digestive herbal teas, and they are equally good to calm an upset tummy, but if appart that for its comforting properties you are a chamomile drinker that enjoys the taste of this tea, you might give a try to the Spanish version. With a delicate floral and aromatic taste, manzanilla tea is a pleasure that will make you feel better. Tip: add a touch of orange or lemon blossom honey to your manzanilla tea. The sweet and slightly acid taste of citric honey - also packed with lots of healthy properties - will surprise you.


Chamomile 100% (flower)  

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