La Finojosa Sliced Salchichon Iberico Acorn Feed 100g


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Feel the best taste of the Iberian salchichon. This is a high-quality acorn feed Iberian salchichon (which means it comes from free-range pigs acorn feed only) that preserves the authentic taste of the Spanish salchichon. Sliced and packed under controlled conditions of temperature and hygiene, this salchichon can be kept outside the fridge before opening (in a fresh and dry place) and can be safely sent to on the post.

  • Gluten-free.
  • Allergens: milk powder, milk proteins, isolated soy protein


Lean meat and fat from Iberian pork, salt, milk powder, dextrin, spices, milk proteins, dextrose, emulsifier (E 4501, E 452, E 4511), antioxidants (E 316), preservatives (E 252, E 250), acidity corrector E-331III, antioxidant E-301, isolated SOY protein, thickener E-415, colouring E-120.

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