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Maritoñi is a sweet sponge cake traditional from Granada. Two layers of soft sponge filled with the traditional pumpkin sweet ‘cabello de ángel’ (meaning angel´s hair, a creamy but slightly fibrous spread that melts in the mouth) and covered with a good layer of icing sugar. The packaging design is a tribute to Granada´s tiles (azulejos) that were pure white with a blue vegetable design. It is a beloved sweet for all people in Granada, and virtually impossible to get outside this province. Created during the Spanish post-war period, it is named after the baker´s daughter, who was called Maria Antonia – or as we say in Granada, Maritoñi. Since then, this cake has been present in breakfasts and afternoon teas (meriendas).

This product is very hard to get (even for us) and the shelf life is very short. If you want to try it, purchase it now. It might not be back in store for months!

  • Allergens: wheat (gluten), eggs, sulphites.


WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, Iberica lard (antioxidant (E-321, E-320), emulsifier (E-471)), EGGS, water, ‘cabello de angel’ (pumpkin strands in syrup) (citron pulp, glucose and fructose syrup, (modified starch (E-407, E-410), acidity regulators (citric acid, E-331), preservatives (E-202, E-223, SULPHITES), WHEAT STARCH, stabiliser (E-420), emulsifier (E-477), raising agent (E-450i, E-500ii), anti-caking agent (E-516, E-551, E-170), preservative (E-282), water flavourings & cinnamon.

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