Moscovitas-style biscuits (galletas tipo Moscovitas) – Almond biscuits from Asturias

  • The most famous biscuits in Asturias
  • The original recipe is a secret
  • Thin and crunchy cookies slightly golden on the borders, with a granulated texture, and coated with chocolate on one side

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Moscovitas means "muscovite", but they are actually the most famous biscuits in Asturias. They were first produced by a bakery in Oviedo that is still running and the original recipe is a secret. However, we know that they are made with almonds, sugar, wheat flour, cream and chocolate-dark, milk chocolate or white chocolate. They are thin and crunchy cookies slightly golden on the borders, with a granulated texture, and coated with chocolate on one side. A perfect treat to go along with a cup of tea or coffee.

  • The price is for a box of 24
  • Allergens: MILK, GLUTEN, NUTS


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