Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual “We, The Legend” 500ml


Early harvest, extra virgin olive oil. This is a unique product, cold extracted by mechanical means only, taking care up to the minimum detail. Green olive fruitiness, very fresh, more grassy than fuity. It reminds to green tomato and the freshness of a fig tree. Sliky when entering in mouth, a bit astringent, with a medium intensity and spiciness. Very well balanced. Limited edition, every bottle is numbered.

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A 500ml bottle to savor this millenary liquid gold

Heirs of a millenary tradition

“We, the legend” olive growers are heirs of a millenary tradition. They have eagerly recovered the artisan way of collecting the olives, on full moon nights, which comes from ancient Rome or perhaps a long time ago.

They firmly believe that it has more reality than myth, and perhaps that´s why they get a special oil.

On the aim to offer the best extreme purity, the essence of the elixir, this olive oil is made with olives from the first night of harvest, the most special.

A unique oil, an incomparable tasting experience

We, The Legend is a unique product carefully taken care of down to the last detail. The flavour will make you discover new sensations that evoke fresh fruit, grass, almonds and vanilla. It enters softly into the palate and instantly makes you feel an aftertaste with a soft and pleasant itching that expresses body and strength with its own personality, synonymous of maximum quality.


The best extra virgin olive oil in the world


The dream of producing an oil of the best quality has come true with “We, the legend”.

Glod Medal 2017 and 2018 in the New York International Competition “Best Olive Oils” and Gold Medal 2017 and 2018 in the International Competition “Olive Japan”.

…and they are not the only awards

Bottled in Limited Editions

Offering only the best means sacrificing productivity for quality. Our goal is not to produce large quantities of oil, but the best oil in the world.

Such a special elixir needs to be presented in a special way as well. That´s why the look and design of labelling and packaging are so important, especially the creative, original, daring and transgressor concept.

All our 500ml bottles are numbered as quality certificates and a masterpiece for the mos exquisite plate.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, from the Variety Picual. Superior quality olive oil obtained from olives by mechanical means only. Cold pressed.

Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual “We, The Legend” 500ml


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