Papilla Hero 8 cereales con fruta 0% – 340g


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Whole grain cereals with no sugars added and with calcium, iron and vitamins. Delicious and with no lumps, the baby food Hero has been elaborated with the whole cereal grain, keeping the bran and the germ and providing with carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and fibre, that will give your baby the energy and nutrients they need to grow happy and healthy. They don´t have any added sugars so your baby gets used to natural flavours.

  • Contains gluten.


Flour from 8 cereals (96%) (WHEAT, whole grain cereals, (33%), (WHEAT and OATS), BARLEY, SPELT, RYE, TRITICALE, rice and corn, dehydrated fruits (3%) (banana, apple, orange), natural aromatics, minerals (calcium and iron), and vitamins (C, niacin, E, B6, B1, A, folic acid, D)

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