Cantizano Green Asparragus Tips Pate (230g)

  • Green asparagus pate made only with asparagus tips
  • Health and with a very rich texture and great taste!
  • Serve spread over toasted sour bread, or for dipping.
  • Sustainably produced: made out of broken asparagus that can´t be sold as packed vegetables
  • The asparagus are grown in La Janda, Cadiz


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This green asparagus pate is made only with the best part of the asparagus: the tip. It is also a sustainable pate because their tips come from the broken asparagus that they are no longer good to sell on the supermarket. The Cantizano family gets those vegetables that are in perfect condition but are not good for sale, and save them from going to waste by creating this delicious pate.

The asparagus are grown in La Janda, Cadiz, on a farm close to the Cantizano family home, and, of course, the pate has the Cantizano touch on the recipe. Their texture is very rich and they are perfect as a healthy spread over toasted sour bread, or for dipping.


Green asparagus, extra virgin olive oil from Cadiz, bread (WHEAT FLOUR, water, yeast and salt), sherry vinegar, garlic, spices, sunflower salt and sea salt from Bahía de Cadiz


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