Ruchey Miel española de azahar – Spanish orange honey 475g


  • Light yellow color honey, with a smooth, aromatic and delicate flavor. Sweet taste in our mouth but with lighter shades from orange acids
  • Artesanally produced by Ruchey from honey of bees feed on orange flowers from la Marina Baixa in Alicante, Spain
  • No sugar added, no allergens, gluten or artificial preservatives

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Orange blossom honey (miel de azahar) is characterized by a light yellow color. It has a smooth, aromatic and delicate flavor. Usually it is a fine and very runny product because our natural honey does not have any additives for preservation, neither contains any added sugar, starches or dyes and preservatives. It might crystallize in winter when temperatues go down. To restore the natural honey blossom to its liquid state you just need to warm it up a bit on the microwave or on a hot water bath. Due to its high nutrient content helps prevent disease and promotes digestion. It also relieves sore throat, naturally calms coughs. About our mouth also has beneficial effects and helps protect oral irritations and inflammations. It has slightly sedative effect , so it is ideal for sleep and rest.

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