Serrano Ham Shoulder “La Finojosa” +5Kg – Paleta Serrana de Los Pedroches

  • Free Range Iberico Ham Shoulder de BELLOTA from Jabugo, Huelva, Spain.
  • This Iberico Ham Shoulder is classified with a Black Label.
  • Cured for 18+ months.
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg+
  • Tasting notes: Intense aroma and highly nuanced. Very delicate with the faintest hint of saltiness. A bit smoked and truly unforgettable.


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This is a Serrano shoulder cured for at least 12 month. It comes from Los Pedroches, one of the most famous homeplaces of Serrano meats. From 100% Duroc pigs, it is the front leg (paleta or paletilla), usually considered more juicy and tasty than the back leg, which is more delicate and tender. Is it about 5 Kg and presents a deep, rich taste due to its long curation time (shoulders need less time than ham). It comes bone-in for a maximum taste! Cured Ham is the most iconic food in Spain. Nothing is more Spanish than ham, and it is the most beloved food in the whole country (except for those Spaniards that are not meat eaters, obviously). Anybody who does not enjoy Serrano ham in Spain will have to face a lack of culinary understanding and they will risk to deeply offend their host when refusing to try some ham. The process to make a great Serrano ham is long and requires care and many conditions in order to get an optimal result. From the breed, sex and feed of the pig to where and how was the meat cured, every detail must be carefully monitored. While a good Serrano ham is a piece of art, a spoiled one is a tragedy. The most common faults in cured hams are:
  • The ham is raw. It has been cured for a very short time and it is red and tender inside. The taste is weak and plain, and it gets difficult to carve. It has a gummy, unpleasant texture that makes it difficult to chew.
  • The ham is too salty. There is nothing that can be done about this. Salted hams usually end up in the waste.
  • Low-quality meat, resulting in a tasteless ham.
To avoid any unpleasant surprise, we only source the best Serrano hams from reputed produced from Spain. All our hams have been cured for at least 16 months and come vacuum packed to preserve all their origin qualities. As fresh and good as they are in Spain. Do you want to learn more about the Spanish ham classification? Have a look at our blog!

How to use and store it

Making the most of this fantastic meat is very easy.
  • Use a knife that is long and flexible to carve it. You will also need a ham stand or jamonero.
  • Discard the skin and the yellow fat.
  • Once opened, cover the part that you are carving with a cotton cloth, or with its own discarded skin and yellow fat. This will preserve the humidity and it will enlarge its shelf life.
  • Once open, consume within 30 days. After this time, the meat will become dry and saltier. It will be still safe for you to eat, but the quality will not be the same.


Pork paddle, salt, sugar, corrector acidity e-331III, preservatives e252, e-250, antioxidant e-301. Gluten-free, lactose-free.


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