Sliced Iberico LOIN Cebo de Campo from GUIJUELO “Ibermoso” – LOMO Iberico de Cebo de Campo de GUIJUELO en Lonchas (100g)


  • Iberico Ham Shoulder ‘Cebo de Campo’ from Guijuelo.
  • Iberico Ham is world-famous for its delicate, complex and rich flavours
  • An intensely rich flavour and a delicate soft texture that melts in your mouth
  • Each piece has been cured for at least 24 months and it is a real Spanish tradition around the finest table
  • Vallehermoso pigs are raised in the Spanish Dehesa (home of the Iberico breed), feed with 100% natural foods, and with plenty of room to roam

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Dried Lomo is made with one of the best parts of the Iberico pigs. The fresh meat is salted and marinated in the best Spanish paprika from La Vega, and then put in a sausage made with natural pork trype. Finally, it is slowly air-dried for more than 3 months.

The result is a cured meat very tasty and smooth with an extraordinary fat marbled which gives it juiciness and the exclusive texture of Iberico fat.

It is 'cebo de campo', which means that it comes from grass-feed Iberico pigs that produce meat with the perfect level of fat infiltrated between the muscles, which produces the characteristic marbled appearance to the ham, and great juiciness.

Each Ibermoso ham is a piece of art. Vallehermoso pigs are raised in their own farms, feed with 100% natural foods, and with plenty of room to roam. Cebo de campo pigs are free-range, and living in Guijuelo they enjoy the Dehesa, a land in Spain full of acorn, mushrooms and grass, that is home for the Iberico pig.


Pork loin, salt, garlic, paprika, oregano, sugar dextrose, antioxidants (E-300, E-331iii) and preservatives E250, E252.

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