Solan de Cabras Natural Mineral Water 1.5L (Plastic Bottle)


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The Gran Reserva of mineral waters. With over two centuries of history behind it, a symbol of quality, purity and design. Retaining all of its properties from its source thanks to its blue bottle that protects Solán de Cabras water so that you can enjoy all of its purity without any alteration.

Presented on a plastic bottle.

The origin:

The water rises in the uplands of Cuenca, 950 m above sea level, and originates from rain that fell in times past. In the ageless depths of the earth, between layers of Jurassic sediment, its flow has remained unchanging and stable since time immemorial, at a constant 21ºC. Every drop flows through its ancestral halls, filtered through pure minerals. Every drop is carefully decanted, making use of the natural law of gravity. No need for extraction. Protected by nature, the water resides in an inaccessible underground aquifer, before finally being bottled less than 100 meters from the spring.

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