Spanish Cooked Giant Butter Beans: Judiones Granja 570g


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A big, kidney-shaped bean, their skin is with, smooth and glossy. These beans are ready cooked and preserved on their own water. Vegetarians can use the water as an egg substitute (as they do also with chickpea´s water).

  • Allergens: sulphites.

The very honest truth about those butter beans (quality disclosure):

Even if the label says that the product has been manufactured in Spain, these beans have probably been grown in China, and then cooked in Spain.

Asturias is a very small region that produces a very small amount of beans (3.000 - 4.000Kg per year). This means that they barely export their production to other Spanish locations. Finding an Asturian bean outside Asturias is virtually impossible. This is why the same variety of bean 'Judion de Granja' is also grown in China and imported to Spain. They are not a similar variety grown in China, they are the same beans just grown somewhere else. Those China-grown beans are regularly consumed in Spanish homes, and they are the ones that are also available in the UK.

This is the only and best 'judion de granja' that we can offer you a the moment, but if you want to purchase proper Spanish butter beans from Asturias we can give you some tips:

  • Look for a higher price. 'Judion de granja' from Asturias are 3 to 5 times higher than the same beans grown in other countries.
  • Look for the D.O. ('Denominacion de origen', or in English 'Origin Denomination'), a quality label that grants that a product has been produced in certain Spanish region and meets the official quality requirements. Any Spanish product that does not show the D.O. label might have been produced somewhere else, or might not meet the official quality standards.

At the moment we are trying to import proper Asturian 'judion de granja'. If you are interested in having news about that, please send us an email to and we will keep you informed.


Beans, water, salt. Antioxidants: E385, E223 (sulphite)

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