Spanish Cured Ham Carving Knife Sybarite – Cuchillo Jamonero Sybarite


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Serrano or Pata Negra Cured Ham is the most iconic food in Spain. Nothing is more Spanish than ham, and it is the most beloved food in the whole country (except for those Spaniards that are not meat eaters, obviously). Anybody who does not enjoy Serrano ham in Spain will have to face a lack of culinary understanding and they will risk to deeply offend their host when refusing to try some ham.

The best way to enjoy a cured ham is to carve it yourself at home. To do so, you need a ham a proper ham carving knife. The ham carving knife Sybarite has all the qualities needed for a great ham knife. It exactly has the length and flexibility needed for a precise cut. The materials used (an alloy of molybdenum vanadium and stainless steel) give it more hardness and resistance while keeping the needed flexibility for a perfect cut. It has a sharp end for that allows you to remove the meat from the bones.

This knife has all the details that will allow you to cut very fine ham slices and enjoy all its taste. Now you just need a good ham stand, some olives and a good piece of bread!

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