Tetilla Cheese Prestes PDO 900-1000g

  • The most iconic cheese from Galicia
  • Made from pasteurized milk of Rubia, Frisona or Pardo-Alpina cows
  • It has the Tetilla D.O. seal of authenticity
  • Mild taste with a typical acid aftertaste, slightly salty and buttery


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Tetilla Cheese is the most iconic cheese from Galicia. It is made from pasteurized milk of Rubia, Frisona or Pardo-Alpina cows and has the Tetilla D.O. seal of authenticity. The maturation period is about 15 days. Prestes tetilla cheese is firm outside and very creamy inside. It is pale creamy white in colour, with a soft consistency and small, regularly distributed holes. It has a mild taste with a typical acid aftertaste, slightly salty and buttery. This cheese has a characteristic unmistakable conical shape, which is also the origin of its name Tetilla: small breast. The crust is edible, but it is recommended to consume without it. Tetilla cheese is usually considered a dessert cheese that can be served with quince jelly or honey. It also melts very easily and is delicious grilled on toast, in cooking for stuffings or as melted cheese. Excellent as a breakfast cheese. It fits very well with fino Sherry, and also with Crianza and Reserva red Rioja wine. Tetilla cheese by Prestes was awarded a Gold Medal at 2012 World Cheese Awards. Serving tip: take it out of the refrigerator 1 hour before serving and slice it with a warm blade.
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Allergens: contains milk
  • Gluten-free


Pasteurised cow's milk, rennet, lactic cultures (milk), correction acidity (calcium chloride) and salt. Preservatives in bark coating (E-203, E-235).

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