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Tasting notes

Pacharan Zoco (Patxaran) is produced in Navarre, Spain, since 1956 with the traditional Pacharan receipe. This Pacharan is prepared with a unique blend of sloe berries, coffee, and vanilla with anise liqueur. It has a rich and refreshing flavour, with notes of ripe berries and licorice, and almost imperceptible spicy at the end.

Ingredients and elaboration:

Pacharan Zoco is made with sloes 100% from Navarre, which gives it the characteristic bright red color. The sloes are macerated on the natural anise liqueur, which doesn't contain any aroma or colorants.

The protected geographical indication Pacharan Zoco holds the Specific Denomination of “Pacharán Navarro”, which means meeting all the requirements of the Regulatory Council: quality and quantity of raw materials, production method, and carrying out the entire process in Navarra.

The seal of the Regulatory Council and the numbered back label of each Pacharán Zoco container are the guarantees of a traditional and controlled quality product.

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