20m + 25m baking. Serves 10.

St James Cake (Tarta de Santiago in Spanish) is one of the best-known traditional Spanish cakes. Basically made with almonds, eggs and sugar, it is a really easy recipe to make when you know how to do it properly. My first try at home was a disaster, so I decided to visit Sonia (our cook from The Wee Honey Bee) and leave the cooking in her hands. After watching her how to make it, I still can´t understand how did I fail so bad with my try.

Do you want to try to do it yourself? Watch our video recipe now! Script, voices, recording and video editing are very amateur, but the taste is amazing.

Use the best baking tools for cakes for better results.


The home cook tips

This cake is typical from Galicia, North-West of Spain. It is really easy to make and super tasty, packed
with almonds and it is gluten-free. The recipe is also dairy-free, but we rubbed butter in the cake tin to avoid the cake stuck when backing. For a 100% dairy-free cake, you just need to use dairy-free margarine or arbequina olive oil. Arbequina olive oil is very soft and will not interfere with the taste of the cake.

On 25th July it is St James day. A perfect day to have a St James Cake! If you are in Edinburgh and you want to try our cake (the same one that you can see in the video, made by Sonia herself), this is a perfect occasion, because we are offering a £2 discount on our home-made St James Cake. Hurry! The discount will be available only from Friday 22nd of July until Sunday 31st of July!

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Pablo Vergara Pérez

Pablo Vergara Pérez

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