The nice people of Tastemade Travel posted this video on their facebook page (you can find more short Tastemade Travel reports here). The cider displayed is our Trabanco cider! Just a couple of things to add to this beautiful video:

  • You can pour your cider without wasting that much! There are also devices designed to help you to properly pour your cider without making a mess at home.
  • Drink responsibly! Asturian cider can have a laxative effect on sensitive people. To avoid it, don´t drink more that one or two glasses of cider (and I mean glasses as shown on the video, not full pints!), take your time to enjoy the flavour and texture, and always have some tapas with your cider.
  • Cider fits perfectly with strong cheeses such as Valdeon Cheese, with creamy cheeses or with nuts. It is also great with cured ham, chorizo or chistorra, and of course with a delicious Asturian fabada.

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