Are you in Edinburgh or close to Edinburgh? If so, we would like to invite you to The Window Wanderland, a magical evening that will be run join in Great Junction Street, on Saturday 17th March between 6 pm and 9 pm.

Co-ordinated by Quay Community Improvements, The Window Wanderland is a community project to transform the windows of businesses and homes facing on to Great Junction Street into an outdoor window gallery.

The idea for Window Wanderland was started by Lucy Reeves, who suffered from several accidents that I took her from being an independent, thirty-something, working woman to a disabled stay-at-home mother living in a new city. The chronic pain that followed, coupled with the huge change in identity (lack of) created a heady mix that essentially kept her housebound for well over a decade. Whilst she was doing short therapeutic night walks around her local streets to improve her mobility, she noticed seeing inside homes with the lights on and curtains open took her away from her pain.

The desire to run the first Window Wanderland helped her to go out home again, and in February 2015 the streets of Bishopston, Bristol took to the idea and 250 homes made a display with thousands of people out on the streets in mid-Winter. Now, the Window Wanderland has gone far away from UK borders as there are events programmed in other Countries, as Canada or Germany.

The point of all of this effort is to connect people. Each image creates a connection whether you make it or simply see it. Window Wanderland makes people smile, and with each smile comes a connection, a story to tell, a chance to express something, a proper ‘Playtime’. There is healing in these windows, we now know the power of Art is well documented.

This year in Las Delicias we have ´donated´ one of our windows to the event organizers and will stay open until it finishes. If you want to join the event, you can donate a window at home, you can join the organizers to decorate the windows (you can find all the event details here, or you can come to wander in our one-evening street museum.

Take part in this unique piece of street art!

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