Cured ham is one of the most beloved in Spain, and along with olive oil and wine, one of the most exported and more difficult to understand for those that are not Spanish (and even for many Spaniards), but a look to the following infographic can help you to understand everything about this delicate cured meat.

Jamón or Paletilla? Ham or Shoulder?

Jamón (Ham) is the back leg of the pig, and it is usually 7-8kg. It means that the curing process needs to be long, giving to the meat a more intricate and nuanced flavour.

Paleta or paletilla is the front leg of the pig which is shorter and lighter than the Jamon (4-5Kg), and takes less time in curing. The taste and texture are described as intense and rich.

If you enjoy feeling flavour contrasts, the ham will be better for you, and if you prefer a taste that is not so strong but has a great personality, you might prefer the shoulder. Also, the shoulder is usually less priced, because the curation process is shorter, and if you are not a great ham eater will be easier for you to finish before it gets dry.

Still not sure about this? There is a great way to definitely end with all your questions. Try each speciality and discover which one is your favourite!

Pablo Vergara Pérez

Pablo Vergara Pérez

Pablo is one of the founders of Las Delicias. He is the manager, the bookkeeper, the web designer, the cleaner, the marketer, the new products researcher, the sales assistant… What he loves the most of his job is that he actually needs to taste hundreds of products in order to find the most delicious ones.

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